Center for Ayurvedic Research and Studies (CARS)

Aim of ‘CARS’

"Propagation of ayurveda In the world."

Objective of CARS

Re-orientation of Ayurvedic principles
Promotion of Ayurvedic research
Building on Ayurvedic research database
Multispecialty treatments for various diseases
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Dr. Syed Mohammed Jalaludheen MS(Ay), Ph.D(Ay)

Technical Assistant

Dr. Ajay John Gray BAMS, MBA.

Expert Panel

Dr. Giby George MS(Ay)
Dr. Joseph Itera MD(Ay). PHD (Ay)
Dr. James Chack MD(Ay), PhD(Ay)
Dr. Cristy J Thundiparambil MD(Ay) PhD(Ay)
Dr. Govind Sharma MD (Ay)
Dr. Rajesh.S MD (Ay) Dr. Salim.P..Raman MD (Ay)
Dr. Franco James.A. MD (Ay)
Dr. S. Vinuraj MD (Ay)


Dr. Syed Mohammed Jalaludheen MS(Ay),Ph.D(Ay)


Kunnatheri , Thaikatukara po
Aluva -6, Eranakulam Kerala India.

Working in as:
Assistant Professor,
Department of Salyatantra.
Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medical College, Mahe