Ayurveda is Sanskrit for the "knowledge of life," defining the trinity of life as body, mind and spiritual awareness. This concept is often neglected in modern medicine where thoughts and feelings are often separated from illnesses of the body. Developed in India more than 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda is thought to be the oldest medical system known. It is a complete and holistic science of healthy balanced living that views each person as an individual, with a unique mind-body constitution and set of life circumstances. All these factors are considered in determining whether natural healing approaches should be taken, or if changes in daily living should be made to aid in healing and to promote longevity. The aim of Ayurveda is to simply achieve and maintain health by reaching a state of balance or equilibrium among the three doshas, which govern all bodily functions.

All physical manifestations of disease result from imbalances in the doshas, and various foods and emotions either stabilize or disturb this balance. As we stepped into the 20th Century, modern medicine was progressing in leaps and bounds. Older medical systems like Ayurveda were relegated to the position of 'pre-scientific' or 'proto-scientific' medicine. In the 1970s, WHO noted that traditional medicine continued to serve people in the developing countries and accordingly, policies were formulated to encourage its application. As we step into the 21st Century, traditional medical systems like Ayurveda stand well poised for a historical resurgence. It is becoming a global name and could also become a frontline health care approach. Ayurveda has great potential in preventive, curative and promotive aspects of health care.
This topic is intend to popoularization of timetested principles of ayurveda. At present we have no media to enhance individual's research works to the scientific world.
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